Dressage and iced tea

So, I found out what my Mommy meant yesterday when she said that we were going to do some serious flatwork: she was talking about dressage. I suppose I should have known, because dressage is the most serious kind of flatwork there is! You see, my Mommy began my training with basic dressage, as it was very important for me to learn things like moving off the leg, balance, flying lead changes, extending and collecting and whatnot before I began to learn how to jump. We still practice our dressage – like how we have to canter on the wrong lead (which I hate) and how I have to move off the leg in order to do a rollback, and all that good stuff. But it’s not too often anymore when we have a full workout dedicated solely to that stuff. I guess it’s a good thing to do, even though it sometimes isn’t the most enjoyable.

Today was pretty chilly – it was only about 40 degrees out all day – and it was one of those misty, gray days that feel like rain, even though it didn’t rain. Mommy put on my quarter sheet, and I was happy for it! We started by doing our usual warm-ups at the walk, trot and canter, and then we moved on to the exercises.

Finishing up with the warm up portion of the workout...

Finishing up with the warm up portion of the workout…

The first exercise we did was a “simple” leg yield. For those of you who don’t know what a leg yield is, that’s where you continue traveling with your body straight, and you keep moving forward, but you also move sideways at the same time. Ideally, to perform the leg yield correctly, your legs must actually cross in front of one another, moving sideways as they move forward, instead of only moving forward like they do normally. Here’s a little video, so you can see what I mean. Be sure to watch my legs:

After that, we worked on some flying lead changes, and then we did some really difficult circles. These circles were difficult because not only were they very small, but instead of bending to the inside, I had to bend to the outside and lead with my shoulder! It was so tough, I almost didn’t think I could do it. But I tried my best, and Mommy told me I did brilliantly.

When we were finished, Mommy and I were both pretty exhausted. It was a tough workout!

Wow, I think Mommy may have just passed out from exhaustion...

Wow, I think Mommy may have just passed out from exhaustion…

Mommy had a bottle of iced tea with her, and she took a long gulp of it. I looked back at her with pleading eyes, trying my best to let her know that I was really thirsty, too! So, she leaned down and gave me a couple sips out of her hand! She really is the best Mommy ever. Of course, Daddy came down with some treats, too… and yes, he is the best Daddy ever!

Mmm... I love iced tea!

Mmm… I love iced tea!

Mommy and Daddy both groomed on me for quite a while, and then I got to go home to my warm stall with a big pile of steamed hay. You know something, even though it was a tough workout today, I have to say… I really love my life.

And now, friends, it’s time for sleep. I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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