On the road again…

Okay, well, not on the road per se… Let me just start at the beginning. Remember yesterday, when I said that I was hoping Mommy would want to take a little walk off property today? Well, she read my mind! When she got to the barn this morning, the sun was warm and bright – I was actually beginning to sweat under my lightweight blanket, even though it was still less than 40 degrees out. Mommy took me out of my stall and groomed me, and I thought that I was just going to go out to the paddock… But I was wrong. She decided that, since it was so warm and beautiful out already, we would go for a little bareback ride! And guess where we went? That’s right, friends: we went off property and took a walk down my favorite little road!

Walking away from home, down our favorite little private road...

Walking away from home, down our favorite little private road…

We walked for a little while before turning around and heading back toward home. It was a relaxing walk, and I enjoyed spending the time with Mommy and looking around at all the sights.

Heading back toward home!

Heading back toward home!

When we got back to the barn, I thought that my Mommy was going to walk me straight out to the paddock and let me loose to hang out with Leo. But to my alarm, I realized she was actually walking me toward the entrance of the arena! Today was one of those days when I just didn’t want to do any work. I enjoyed our walk, and I was really hoping we could finish on that. I protested and stopped just outside the arena; being as intuitive as she is, Mommy realized exactly what this meant. So, she said to me, “Alright, Icchy. I’ll make you a deal: if you’re perfect, we only have to work for a little while – fifteen minutes or less. But I need you to stretch your legs and get that circulation flowing, because you had a hard workout yesterday. Is it a deal?” In response to her question, I promptly walked into the arena and framed myself up.

Needless to say, I was perfect.

I was a perfect gentleman today!

I was a perfect gentleman today!

Of course, Mommy kept up her end of the bargain as well, and we only worked for about ten minutes. We warmed up and did some lead changes to each direction – and then we were done!

Afterward, she gave me some home-made marshmallow treats as a reward, took off all my tack, and then hopped back on me to walk me out to the paddock.

Heading out to the paddock!

Heading out to the paddock!

I had a great day, hanging out in the paddock with Leo. It was warm most of the day, and I took a nap in the sunshine around noon. At about 4:00 in the afternoon, though, it began to get a bit chilly. As if on cue, Mommy showed up in her big red pickup truck and walked out to the paddock to bring me inside! She and Daddy groomed on me and cleaned the mud off of (and out of) my hooves, and then we took some family photos. I love being silly with my humans!

Being silly with Mommy and Daddy! Well, I guess Daddy is really the silly one...

Being silly with Mommy and Daddy! Well, I guess Daddy is really the silly one…

After our photo shoot, Mommy and Daddy put me into my stall with some hay… and to my surprise, I also got my dinner grain! I was so happy, I could hardly contain myself. It was the perfect day! Mommy said that we’re going to do some serious flatwork tomorrow. I don’t exactly know what that means… but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough! She also told me that I’m going to get to see my girlfriend again this weekend! I can’t wait! I’ll keep y’all updated. For now, I’m off to bed. I got new shavings in my stall today, and they’re looking pretty fluffy and warm right about now…

See you tomorrow!

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