An eventful day!

Yes, friends, you read that right: today was quite an eventful day.

This morning, my Mommy and Daddy showed up early at the barn. Mommy was dressed nicer than usual – um, I mean, not in her barn clothes – and for once, she actually didn’t even get me out to groom me! She told me that she was starting a new job today, and that she would be back later to ride me. Until then, I had to wait my turn for Daddy to groom me and put me outside, just like all of the other horses. Apparently, she didn’t want to get “dirty” before going to work!

Although it rained quite a bit yesterday, it didn’t seem like it was going to rain today, so Daddy put us out in the big paddocks. Leo and I still haven’t been able to go into our favorite side field because Daddy found that there were some very deep holes and ruts, most likely caused by all that rain we had last month. Remember, when our paddocks and fields turned into a big lake, complete with ducks and all? So I guess that means that we won’t get to go into that field for quite a while. At least, not until those ruts are filled in…

Anyway, when Mommy got back from work, she came out to the big field to get me. She had changed out of her work clothes and into her barn clothes, so thankfully she was able to groom me and get dirty with me! Not that I was all that dirty; I didn’t even roll in the mud today – and there was LOTS of it! It was a warm, beautiful day and Mommy said that I might actually get to have a shower after my workout. It sounded like it was too good to be true!

We worked for a solid half hour on the flat, including a lot of lead changes. Figure-8’s, counter cantering; you know, the whole drill. It was a great workout, and by the time we were finished, I was starting to sweat!

But then I realized that we weren’t actually finished! You see, Daddy came over and suggested to Mommy that I should get to jump a little today, seeing as how I was all loosened up and behaving so perfectly. To my excitement and surprise, Mommy agreed with him! We warmed up over a cross rail a few times in each direction, and then Daddy hiked the jump up to about 3’3 and turned it into an oxer.

I wanted to go fast, but Mommy wanted me to go slow and stay collected. So, being the wise and all-knowing Mommy that she is, she allowed me to go fast once or twice so I would learn by myself the reason she didn’t want me to: I realized that when I went too fast to the jump, I always knocked it down – so I conceded the point to Mommy and allowed her to keep me collected. After that, we did awesome!

Don't we look fantastic?!

Don’t we look fantastic?!

We didn’t do too much more, just jumped it at that height a couple times until we got it perfect from each direction. When we were finished, it was sunny and warm and definitely the right weather for a shower! So I got to have a warm shower in the sunshine while munching on a little hay. Instead of putting me back out into the field with Leo, Mommy hung out with me and let me graze here and there on the grass. It felt so wonderful in the sunshine, and I even dried within a half hour. Mommy kept rubbing her hands on my neck and belly and telling me how soft and clean I felt! Even though I love to be dirty, that was pretty nice.

After I dried off and the weather began to cool down again, Mommy put me into my stall with some hay and said goodnight. I’m excited to see what we get to do tomorrow; I’m hoping that Mommy will want to go for a little walk off the property, down our favorite little street. We’ll see… I’ll let you know what happens! For now, I’m going to go and finish up my dinner hay. That way, maybe Auntie Paulette will give me a little more hay at night check than usual, because she’ll see how hungry I am! Jumping and working hard sure does build up a healthy appetite…

Catch y’all later!

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