Possibly the best day of my life… so far

Friends, I am delighted to tell you that I am betrothed to a beautiful human girl who fell in love with me the moment she met me.

And no, I’m not talking about my Mommy. I love my Mommy, but that would just be wrong.

Yesterday, a friend of my Mommy’s came to the barn to meet me and watch me work. She and my Mommy have known each other for years – since long before I was even born – and she had been hearing all about me from my Mommy for as long as I have been a part of the family. And because I’m really as amazing as I seem through photos, videos and my blog, Mommy’s friend just had to meet me. And I’m sure glad that she did!

Her name is Brooke, and I could tell immediately that she was an equestrian, like my own humans. She came out to the big field with Mommy and Daddy to get me, and I was so excited. I love meeting new friends, and I love having an audience. Mommy put my halter on, hopped on my back and rode me in from the paddock while Daddy gave Brooke a ride back to the barn on the ATV. Mommy rides me in bareback all the time, but Brooke was impressed. I was very proud of myself. When she came to where I was standing in the cross ties and told me that I was the coolest horse in the world, I fell in love on the spot. I could just tell that she was in love with me, too.

The more time I spent with Brooke, the more I fell in love with her. She kissed my face and scratched the itchy spots on my neck. She took photos and videos of me while I worked – which I LOVE – and I took frequent breaks to go and see her. In fact, every time my Mommy dropped the reins, I would go over to the middle of the arena, where Brooke was sitting, and put my head in her lap, waiting for her to pet me and kiss me. I licked her face and she laughed, kissing me in return. I just knew she loved me as much as I loved her, so… I took that big step, and I asked her if she would marry me.

She said yes.

Of course she said yes; what other answer could there be? I’m simply irresistible.

I can’t wait to see my betrothed again. She is very special and she said that she would come to see me again soon. I was sad when she had to leave… but then again, I had a bunch of hay in my stall, so I wouldn’t stay sad for long. (Food makes everything better, all of the time.) We kissed goodbye; I don’t know when I’ll see her again, but it isn’t the end of this great love story… it is only the beginning.

My newly betrothed and I, sealing our love with a kiss.

My newly betrothed and I, sealing our love with a kiss.

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3 thoughts on “Possibly the best day of my life… so far

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