The best surprise EVER

Okay, I know you know about my Mommy and her rules. So, knowing what you know, you probably know that I’d normally never be allowed to jump today, since I had yesterday off.

Well, my Mommy broke her own rule today and let me jump a little bit at the end of our workout! It was the best surprise EVER!

Now, before you furrow your brow and shake your head in dismay, I’ll explain to you a little more about our ride today. Because if you know my Mommy and her rules, you’ll also know that she would never do anything that would cause me harm, since she’s always thinking about what it best for me.

My Mommy loves me more than anything in the world!

My Mommy loves me more than anything in the world!

When my Mommy got to the barn today, she told me that the weather report called for snow tonight, and more rain or snow tomorrow and Saturday. I know that the weather report hasn’t been all that accurate lately, but my Mommy said that we were going to have a solid hour-long workout today, just in case the weather report happens to be correct this time, and I’m forced to have the next two days off. (But if we’re lucky and the weather isn’t inclement tomorrow, that’ll be GREAT news and I’ll probably just have an easy flat workout!)

Although I had yesterday off, I didn’t feel stiff at all today when we got out to the arena. Even so, we warmed up slowly and took our time; Mommy let me stretch out and have my head for the first fifteen minutes or so before asking me to come into a frame and get down to “real” business. We worked on the flat for 45 minutes, including our warm-up; then we did circles, figure-8’s, transitions and a bunch of different lead change exercises. Of course, we took walking breaks in between all of our exercises. My Mommy wanted to make sure I didn’t sweat, since it was still only about 45 degrees out and she didn’t want me to catch a chill.

Anyway,  after we worked for three quarters of an hour, I was not only feeling loose and warm and happy, but I was also still full of energy – and my Mommy could tell that I didn’t want to be done yet. So, since I’d had such a great warm-up, she decided that we could jump!

We started with a simple cross rail as a warm-up jump, and after a while Mommy turned it into a Swedish oxer – just like the other day. She didn’t raise it up quite as high as the other day, though; she just wanted me to work on staying slow and calm all the way up to the jump… same as we did the other day! I have to say, I did a really great job with that today. She even asked me to hold a tiny little collected canter all the way up to the jump, and I did! I didn’t even try to rush the last few strides (like I do sometimes when I’m excited).

Don't we look fantastic?!

Don’t we look fantastic?!

My Daddy even came out to watch us and take some photos of us working! After we were finished, he walked with us while we cooled out… and then he and I took a quick little nap in the warm sunshine.

Daddy and I took a quick nap in the sunshine. I love him so much!

Daddy and I took a quick nap in the sunshine. I love him so much!

As we were cooling out, Isis’ little girl, Kenya, came down to get Isis out and go for a ride. At that point, Daddy said that he might as well get Leo and bring him in for the night since he was going to be alone in the paddocks, so I decided to follow along. Even though I spent all day in the paddock with Leo, I still missed him and wanted to see him one more time before he went into his stall for the rest of the evening.

That's my best friend! Isn't he awesome?!

That’s my best friend! Isn’t he awesome?!

Anyway, Mommy and I walked for a little while longer before she took me into the barn to untack me and groom me. She put my medium-weight green blanket on me  – I always switch into my warmer blanket when I get my night hay – and then she gave me a couple flakes of hay to nibble on while I waited for my dinner grain. We would have to wait at least an hour before getting our grain, because all of the horses eat together, and I’m not allowed to eat grain for at least an hour after I work. But Isis was working, too, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one holding up everyone’s dinner.

It was such a great day. I really hope that the weather is nice tomorrow, because I don’t really want to have another day off. And if it’s raining or snowing, then I won’t get to go into one of the big paddocks with Leo – we’ll all have to go into the little paddocks so we can have a shelter, and those paddocks have the least amount of grass. But if I do have to have tomorrow off, at least I got to have such a great workout today!

Alright, friends, I’ve now got my warmest blanket on, and I’m feeling pretty cozy… so I think I’ll go and get some sleep. Catch y’all tomorrow… Stay warm!

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One thought on “The best surprise EVER

  1. I have the same helmet…in purple/black lol!

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