Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

Okay, there actually was sunshine today. Lots of it! I didn’t even have to wear my blanket for most of the day because it was so warm and sunny out. But I sure do miss my Mommy. Somehow, it makes me miss her even more when I know that she’s so near, but that I can’t see her.

Mommy, if you’re reading this, I hope you get better soon – because it really feels like there ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone.

When my Daddy took me out of my paddock today, I was skeptical and doubtful that he remembered what he promised me yesterday. I decided not to remind him; I wanted to see if he would remember on his own. Sure enough, he did! When he put my saddle pad on me, it really could have gone either way – because I almost always wear a saddle pad under my surcingle when I long line, too. But as soon as I saw him grab my saddle from the tack room, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. He remembered! And he was going to keep his promise!

Getting ready for a ride with my Daddy!

Getting ready for a ride with my Daddy! I love him so much! 

We had a great ride today. Daddy knows exactly what to do when he rides me because Mommy taught him how to ride, and she has taught him to be her assistant trainer when she’s gone (or sick). She began giving him riding lessons before they adopted me, but most of his training has actually been with me over the past two years. He and I have been learning together, and it’s been pretty wonderful the entire time.

Riding with my Daddy!

Riding with my Daddy!

Actually, that reminds me of a funny story…

Back when I was three years old, at my first barn in New York, my Mommy used to have to go away for a few days at a time on business trips for her job. Before my Daddy felt comfortable riding me on his own without my Mommy there, he used to have to come up with creative ways to get me exercise while he was in charge of my training. The first time my Mommy ever went away, my Daddy came up with a game that was meant to get me exercise and teach me ground manners at the same time. So, he would put my halter and lead rope on, and ask me to walk with him down the long side of the arena. In the corner of the arena, there was a tree; when we reached the tree, we would make a small circle around it and then walk back to where we began. After doing this a couple times, my Daddy would ask me to trot next to him, circle the tree at a trot, and trot back. Whenever I would get a little carried away (and I got carried away quite often), we would start the exercise over from a walk until I behaved perfectly. It makes me happy to think of how far my Daddy and I have come. It wasn’t long until he was riding me on his own… and now look at all we’re able to do together!

Anyway, after my workout today, Daddy gave me some carrots as a reward for being such a good boy.

Mmmm... Carrots!!

Mmmm… Carrots!!

He spoils me rotten! Just like Mommy taught him to. And I sure do love carrots!

Yum! I love carrots!

Yum! Keep those carrots coming

It was a great day with my Daddy… but I really do hope that my Mommy can come back soon to ride me. I miss her. All the sunshine in the world couldn’t possibly replace my Mommy.

Friends, do me a favor and keep your hooves crossed that my Mommy gets healthy soon and comes back to ride me! Thanks… I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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