Excited, and I couldn’t hide it!

Okay, so, as you can probably guess from the title of this post, my daddy rode me today!!! I was SO excited, I just coldn’t help but let out a buck or two.

But anyway, let me start at the beginning.

The paddocks are still very muddy, but the water is starting to recede. Well, except for Leo’s and my favorite big side paddock, which we now refer to as the lake. So I got to go outside for a few hours before Daddy brought me in for my workout. Needless to say I was a muddy mess!

After he groomed on me for a while, I was very excited to find that my Daddy was getting out my saddle! That meant we were going to ride today!

Daddy let me walk for a long time. When we started working, he let me stretch out for as long as I needed to. Even though I worked on the long lines the past couple days, he knew I would feel a little stiff being ridden for the first time in a little while. He’s always looking out for my best interest.

Well, as we began trotting, my friend Jube Jube began to go nuts in his paddock, running around and bucking! I guess my Daddy could feel me tensing up underneath him, because he kept talking calmly to me and asking me to keep it together. I tried really hard, but when Jelly Bean joined in with Jube Jube, running around the paddock, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I was too excited and I had too much energy. So, I took off bucking!

I bucked and bucked and bucked… and then I remembered my New Year’s Resolution: not to buck as much with either of my humans on my back.

It’s definitely a good thing that my Daddy is such an amazing rider, because I was bucking really hard. Any other rider (aside from my Mommy) probably would have had a face-full of arena footing!

Anyway, my Daddy  made me walk until I calmed myself down, and then we finished our workout. We did some flying lead changes and our “corners” exercise. It was a lot of fun!

Working with my Daddy!

Working with my Daddy!

All in all, we had an awesome ride together. I loved feeling the sunshine on my body all day, just like yesterday. It was even warmer today, though! After my workout with Daddy, he let me go into my stall and eat some hay. That might even be the best part.

Well friends, that’s about all I have to report today, so I guess I’ll catch y’all tomorrow!

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