Nothing new under the sun

Well, I guess I should say there would be nothing new under the sun, if the sun ever decided to show its face again.

Actually, it did peek out from behind the clouds today, but only for a few minutes. The paddocks were all just as gross today as they have been for the past five hundred years (I know, I know… but it really seems that long!) and I had to come in early again. This time it wasn’t because I was misbehaving though, it was simply because it was SO muddy and yucky out in the paddocks that my Daddy didn’t want me to stand in it for long.

I wasn’t happy about coming in… so, when Daddy came to get me, I decided to roll!

Rolling in the mud!

Rolling in the mud!

Anyway, once I learned why I was coming in, I was more than happy to oblige! My Daddy groomed on me for a while and then tacked me up in my long lines for a little workout. You cannot even imagine how good it felt to get out all of my energy! Especially because I had to go into my stall for the rest of the day afterward.

Daddy said that it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. If I’m lucky, it will be sunny enough to dry up all the paddocks… and maybe my Daddy will ride me, too!

I hope that you guys aren’t going though the same thing as me, with paddocks full of water. I’ll let you know tomorrow if there is actually any sun. For now, I’m off to snooze. See y’all…

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