Please, enough with the rain and mud!

Seriously. I’m getting really tired of the rain! I never liked the rain much to begin with, but now it’s just ruining everything.

As you can probably guess, it rained all last night – which means that even the last usable paddock is muddy and mucky and filled with water. My Mommy came by this morning to say goodbye to me. She groomed on me for a little while and put me outside in the paddock with Leo. But Leo and I started playing and running around, and my Mommy saw me almost slip in the mud… so she brought me in, cleaned me up and put me back into my stall. I was upset, but I know she was only trying to keep me safe. I just get carried away sometimes when I’m with my best friend! Of course, Leo didn’t slip because he didn’t run as fast as I did, so he got to stay outside in the paddock.

Anyway, the paddocks are WAY muddier and more slippery today than they were yesterday or the day before, and of course the little paddocks and my favorite big field are all still underwater. The ducks and geese were back again too, swimming around in the “lake.”

It rained a little bit during the day, which made me glad that I was in my stall. It didn’t last long though, and then I began to worry that I wasn’t going to come out of my stall all day! But of course, my Daddy would never let that happen to me. He took me out, groomed me, put on my bridle and took me out for a bareback walk. We didn’t do much because everything was so muddy and slippery, but it felt good to stretch my legs and get out a little of my energy!


Well, that’s about all I have to report today. I really hope tomorrow is sunny, because I need to do some work! I’m going crazy here!

Stay dry, friends. Catch y’all later.

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