Don’t be a sitting duck!

Well, almost all of the paddocks are still flooded today. It’s not a pretty sight! The gravel that used to cover the road around the arena (and also the gravel that used to be in the small paddocks) has all been washed away, and only mud remains.

This is what ALL of the little paddocks look like!

This is what ALL of the little paddocks look like!

The only paddocks that aren’t flooded are the ones closest to the barn, on the other side of the property. (The ones we call the “front paddocks.”) Even the big paddock all the way in the back of the property is mostly flooded! And my favorite big paddock, the one Leo and I used to hang out in most of the time, well… it’s now a lake. So we can only go into the front paddocks, because they’re the only ones that aren’t underwater. But now we’re only allowed to go into one of the two front paddocks – even though neither of them are very muddy or slippery anymore – so we’ll probably have to take turns being outside for an hour or two at a time… depending on the weather, that is. Today, we all came in early because it began to “sleet,” which is like an icy rain, but not quite “hail.” My Daddy brought us all in as soon as the sleet began. He even put each of our blankets into the drying-machine, one by one, so we would all have warm, dry blankets to wear. He really looks out for us. No one takes better care of their horses than he does. He’s the best Daddy – and the best barn manager – in the whole world. And, if you didn’t know this, he’s also the best guitar player in the world. I love it when he and I get to play guitar together!

Luckily, it didn’t rain all last night or this morning, so my Mommy and I got to do a little bit of work! She rode me bareback today, just in case we got caught in the rain. These days, we never know if we’re going to or not!



As my Mommy and I were working, something caught my eye in the lake that used to be my favorite big paddock.

What is that out there?!

What is that out there?!

As it turns out, there were three ducks swimming in the lake! As we watched them, two geese flew over us, circled around and came back to land in the lake, too! It was so much fun to watch.

So, Mommy and I decided to get a closer look.

The geese and ducks are enjoying a swim in the "lake."

The geese and ducks are enjoying a swim in the “lake.”

It was a very interesting sight. I thought they must be very cold though, especially when they began dunking their heads under the water!

Well, after my Mommy and I worked, I got to go into the paddock with Leo for a little while before we had to come in due to the inclement weather. I hope this rain stops soon, because I don’t think there’s many more places for the water to go before it floods the arena! And I don’t even want to think about what would happen if it reached the barn…

Anyway, my Mommy broke the news to me today that she will be going back to California to be with her human family and remember her Grandma who passed away yesterday. She’s leaving tomorrow, so it will just be Daddy and me for a while again. I’ll try to keep you all updated on the flood situation though. I wonder if I would still be able to get onto my blog if the barn gets flooded… Actually, is anyone else’s barn flooded? You should leave me a comment and let me know!

Friends, I hope that you’re all keeping warm and dry. Don’t forget to give your humans some wet, slobbery kisses on their faces to show them how much you love them. It’s important to let them know as often as possible. Not just because they’re probably give you more marshmallows and molasses cookies, but because you never know when your last ride with them will be. Catch y’all tomorrow…

I always show my humans how much I love them! You should, too!

I always show my humans how much I love them! You should, too!


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