In loving memory of my Mommy’s Grandma

Well, I actually got to work today, for the first time in a long time… and I behaved perfectly. My Mommy lunged me for a little while first to see if I wanted to get out a little silliness, but I didn’t. It felt good to stretch, though. We only rode for about twenty minutes because it was so cold outside. After my workout, I even got to go outside into a paddock with Leo…

Here's a shot of the small paddocks... or should I say the small lake?

No, not that one…

…but the small paddocks are even more flooded today than they were yesterday, so we got to go into the big paddock in the front – which we never get to do. We stayed out there and grazed for a couple hours until it started to rain balls of ice and my Daddy brought us all in. What was that called again, when it rains balls of ice?

…oh, yeah: HAIL.

But tonight, that’s not what I want to talk about.

Tonight, this post goes out to my Mommy and her whole human family as they mourn the loss of my Mommy’s Grandma. I never got to meet her, but my Mommy has told me stories about her and she sounds like she was wonderful. She always sent me kisses through the phone (via my Mommy, of course), called me her “Great Grandson” and – apparently – my Mommy always kept her updated on my progress by showing her photos and videos. She told my Mommy that I am gorgeous, and that she’s proud of me for being such a good boy.

My Mommy told me that her Grandma has been battling cancer for quite a while, and although I don’t completely understand what that means, I know that it’s a very difficult battle to have to fight. It’s always tough to lose someone you love – even I know that – but my Mommy said that she’s glad her Grandma isn’t in pain anymore. Then again, “glad” might not be the right word, because my Mommy was crying really hard when she told me.

Anyway, if y’all could keep my Mommy’s human family in your thoughts, I’m sure they would appreciate it. And, as a side note… make sure you tell your humans how much you love them. I guess you never know how many more rides you’ll get to have with them before they’re gone.

Goodnight, friends. Stay warm and dry.

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