And I thought YESTERDAY was wet…

The paddocks may have been wet yesterday, but that was NOTHING compared to how they were today! It rained all night and all morning; I’ve never seen so much water in one place before! I was actually very glad to stay in my stall today, even though I still have a ton of energy. The humans were all talking about the possibility of a flood. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sure doesn’t sound good!

My Mommy and Daddy showed up early in the morning while it was still drizzling. Daddy cleaned my stall while my Mommy groomed me and put on my bridle, and then she and I went for another bareback walk in the rain. I was a little jumpy because of how much energy I had and, at one point, Daddy had to walk next to me to keep me calm so I didn’t slip or anything while Mommy was on my back.

We stopped along the way and looked at my favorite paddock, and I realized that the puddle from yesterday was triple the size!

There's no way I'm going swimming in that!

There’s no way I’m going swimming in that!

Even the smaller paddocks with the shelters were completely underwater.

It looks like a lake!

It looks like a lake!

There is no way my friends will be going into those paddocks today! I bet they’ll be happy to stay inside, though. And I’ll definitely be happy to have some company!

We walked along the pathway that led to the big paddock in the back – the one Leo went into after he escaped yesterday – and there was another huge lake! I really wanted to go out and splash around in it, but my Mommy held me back and told me it wasn’t a good idea.

Yep... it's another lake.

Yep… it’s another lake.

Actually, my Mommy reminded me about a time last summer when there was a big puddle in that back paddock. The puddle wasn’t nearly as big as this one, but it was knee-deep. Since it was very warm out, and the rest of that field wasn’t too wet or muddy, my Mommy and Aunt Nikki said that Leo and I could go splash around in the puddle.

Splashing around in the puddle last summer...

Splashing around in the puddle last summer…

Leo dared me to roll in the water, so I did… but I realized pretty quickly that the water was much colder than the air!

Oops... that was a BAD idea! That water was COLD!

Oops… that was a BAD idea! That water was COLD!

Yeah, we laughed about that for days afterward.

Anyway, my Mommy said that she is going to come back later tonight to check on me, and if it isn’t raining, we can probably go for another bareback walk. We’ll see, though… I have a feeling that it’s not going to happen. It’s supposed to be much colder tonight than it’s been – something like 30 degrees – so if it’s raining and it’s that cold, there’s no way my Mommy is going to let me go for a walk. I know her too well.

She may have a million rules, but I sure do love her.

She may have a million rules, but I sure do love her.

I hope you have a great day, friends. Try to stay dry, if at all possible! Catch y’all tomorrow!

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