The excitement continues…

Well, the excitement for everyone else continues, that is. Because my day wasn’t very exciting at all. Not that it was a bad day. Just… boring. Since it was raining all day again today, and the paddocks were completely soaked with giant puddles and a lot of mud everywhere, my Mommy decided that I should stay in my stall all day.

Another rainy day... Bummer!

Another rainy day… Bummer!

I know; it’s completely unfair, right? And after she didn’t even ride me yesterday!

But, to be honest, I actually didn’t mind staying in all day because of how awful the weather was. Especially when I looked out at my friends in the little paddocks, and they all looked kind of miserable. My Mommy explained to me that standing in water or mud for long periods of time wasn’t good for my feet; it can cause my feet to rot or get something called “thrush.” When she told me that, I realized that she was right – my feet were already a little sore from being out in the muddy paddock for the past few days. (It’s kind of like how human skin gets all wrinkly when they take too long of a bath… except my feet don’t get wrinkly, they really do start to rot.)

Anyway, let me start at the beginning.

This morning, my Mommy told me that I was going to stay in my stall today because of the weather… and yada yada. She said that we could go for a bareback walk in the rain, though. It sounded nice, especially because it wasn’t raining that much at the time and it was really warm outside. So, she hooked me up in the cross-ties and started grooming me. As she was brushing me off, we heard a loud CRACK! and saw Leo come prancing out of his stall! He had broken through his stall guard (which isn’t actually that difficult to do… I’ve even broken mine before, too) and decided to go for a little joy gallop around the property!

Run, Leo! Run!

Run, Leo! Run!

Well, my Daddy ran after him, but Leo refused to be caught. Luckily, after a while, Leo began to head toward the big, long field in the back… and there’s only one pathway to the entrance of that field, so when Leo tried to turn back around, my Daddy shooed him into the paddock and latched the gate! I was hootin’ and hollerin’ and cheerin’ Leo on! I wished I could have joined him! Imagine how much trouble we could have gotten into together…

Anyway, after we all calmed down, my Mommy and I went for that bareback walk around the property. We stopped along the way and looked into my favorite paddock. It was really muddy; there were huge puddles the size of lakes everywhere!

Look at my poor paddock... it's so muddy!

Look at my poor paddock… it’s so muddy!

We walked around for about twenty-five minutes before it started raining harder and my Mommy decided that we should be done. After she finished grooming me again, I got to stand in the cross-ties and eat hay while my stall was clean!

I love being waited on... And I love eating hay!

I love being waited on… And I love eating hay!

It actually wasn’t so bad being in my stall all day, especially because my Daddy was there all day to keep me company. And, like I said before, my friends all looked kind of miserable out there in the paddocks. When my Mommy came back later in the day, we went for another long bareback walk around the property. After that, I got to eat more hay in my stall and watch the rain out my window.

Watching the rain out my back window.

Watching the rain out my back window.

It actually turned out to be a pretty nice day, come to think of it. Unfortunately, it’s still raining… and tomorrow is supposed to be just as rainy. So it looks like I’ll be stall-bound again tomorrow. And, at this rate, probably the next day as well. But that’s okay, as long as I get to eat a lot of hay and go on a couple bareback walks with my Mommy! Or my Daddy. Either one. I mean, obviously I’d much rather work, but I really love that my Mommy cares enough to do the right thing for me, even when I’m not that excited about it at first.

On that note, I think I’ll go eat my night hay and then catch some sleep. You know, because I didn’t rest enough today. Ha! Catch y’all tomorrow… and try to keep those feet dry!

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