Bubble wrap… or a mud bath?

Okay, so, you know how my Mommy’s always saying that she needs to bubble wrap me, since I’m always hurting myself?

Well, I decided to take it upon myself to wrap myself in a protective coating. It just so happened that the coating was made of mud, which dried to form a hard, thick shell over my entire body.

Wrapped in my protective coating... of mud!

Wrapped in my protective coating… of mud!

Unfortunately, instead of being grateful, my Mommy was a little less than pleased… even though she did laugh when she saw me.

Then again, after using the metal curry comb for a half-hour (which still didn’t even begin to get the mud off), she was kind of upset.

“Icchy,” she said, “Do you really expect me to ride you, knowing there’s so much dirt on your skin that I won’t be able to get off? I wouldn’t do that to you; you’ll get awful rubs underneath the saddle and the girth. I hope you’re pleased with yourself, because now you’re going to have to have a bath instead of a ride.”

So, she gave me a long bath… but I still wasn’t completely clean afterward. I was just too muddy to begin with. And I guess I thought she was kidding about not riding me, because when she pulled out my surcingle and long-lines, I was very mad. She didn’t put a saddle pad on me because I was still a little wet; it was okay, though, because the surcingle is lined with fleece on the underside.

While my Mommy long-lined me, I spent the first twenty minutes bucking and kicking and expressing my displeasure. I mean, it was sunny all day, and I was really looking forward to getting a good ride! I guess it is my fault, though. It’s just that I LOVE to be covered in mud!!!

After a while, I decided that my Mommy had gotten my point, so I figured I’d better behave. I just wanted to get our workout over with.

Cooling out after my workout on the long-lines.

Cooling out after my workout on the long-lines.

Mommy groomed me the best she could, but she said that I would still need to have another bath tomorrow to get the rest of the mud off. As long as she rides me first thing in the morning, like she said she will, I guess I’ll put up with having another bath.

I just can’t make any promises about not rolling in the mud again, once I’m all clean…

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