Lead changes and rollbacks

I  want to begin by saying that my Auntie Nikki and her family are back from vacation! While it’s really nice to see them, I already miss having my Daddy here all day, and seeing him late at night for the “night check.” And, of course, I also miss having my Mommy bring me a marshmallow at night check, too. But one thing that is great about having everyone home from vacation is that I got to work alongside my friend Isis today! Her little human, Kenya, rode her at the same time that my Mommy and I had our workout. It sure was a lot of fun to have some company in the arena again!

Okay, have you guys ever heard of a rollback?

Well, they’re used in lots of different riding disciplines, such as reining, barrel racing, jumpers… Of course, the only thing I use rollbacks for is jumping. Anyway, a rollback is basically a quick, tight turn, where your front legs sort of pivot around your back legs. Sometimes, your back legs can actually stand in the same spot while your front legs propel you around in a tight little circle. That’s called a “turn on the haunches,” and it’s the starting point for all rollbacks. My Mommy has been teaching me how to turn on the haunches since I was just a little 3 year old, and as I’ve gotten older, she’s begun teaching me how to do rollbacks. The first time I ever learned how to do a rollback was when I was 4, at Cooper’s barn in New York. I had to learn them in that arena because it was so small! But that’s a story for another day…

Actually, if you want to watch a video from the day I first learned the meaning of the word “rollback,” you can!

As you can see, I was very much still a baby, and I got a little carried away at times!

Anyway, today’s workout was a lot of fun. If you ask me (and really, why would you ask anyone else?), I did a very good job of staying calm and not anticipating what my Mommy was going to ask me to do, just like I did yesterday. So, as a reward, I got to work on fun things (like rollbacks), and I even got to gallop a little bit!

Here’s a short video from part of my workout today.

In this video, we mostly worked on lead changes; the rollbacks we did here weren’t very tight at all. In fact, they were more like small circles. Except for the last circle, of course, because that one was pretty big. But you can see how well I’m doing with my lead changes! When I’m listening carefully and not anticipating, I can even do my lead changes “automatically,” which means that my Mommy doesn’t even have to cue me with her legs – she simply collects me and then shifts her weight, and I hop on over to the other lead!

My Mommy said that we will work on more rollbacks tomorrow, and this time we’ll really tighten the turns! So stay tuned for another video tomorrow, because I love to show off how good I am at doing rollbacks!

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