The lesson of the day…

Sometimes the easiest lessons are the hardest to learn.

So, you know the other day, when I said that I was a little bit naughty? Well, it was only because I wasn’t in the mood to work, so I tried to rush through everything. But I went about it all wrong, and I realized that today.

You see, the other day, I tried to anticipate everything my Mommy wanted me to do; that was a mistake, because instead of listening intently and following through with every request as soon as she asked me to do something, I completely jumped the gun every time. And you know how humans are; they want you to do it when you ask them, not before and not after. At least, that’s how my humans are. (Well, mostly just my Mommy. My Daddy isn’t nearly as strict when it comes to my workouts.)

Anyway, let me explain to you what I’m trying to say, so you can learn from my mistakes instead of making the same ones yourself.

Today, my Mommy and I had a fantastic workout together. We only rode for about twenty-five minutes – maybe thirty – because my Mommy said that I was perfect. We warmed up both directions at the walk, trot and canter. When we were done with the warm-ups, we started working on lead changes… just like we did the other day. I knew what she was doing, though; even though we did different exercises than we did the other day, she was giving me a second chance to see if I had learned my lesson. And I did! I tried my hardest not to anticipate anything she was going to ask me. Instead, I just listened carefully and executed every request to the best of my ability, as quickly as I could without jumping the gun.

Well, apparently it worked because we didn’t do any of the same drills twice; as soon as I did one thing perfectly, we moved on to the next exercise. And once I had done everything she asked me to, she gave me a lot of love and told me that I could be finished for the day! I was glad, but I was also a little bit mad at myself. I mean, it’s not like this lesson is a new one, you know? It’s always the same, and has been since the first time my Mommy began to train me: the longer I take to get something right, the longer my workout will be that day.

Yet, for some reason, that lesson still hasn’t completely sunk in – and I’ve been working at it for two years!

Finished with my workout for the day!

Finished with my workout for the day!

I guess I just get a little carried away sometimes. I mean, I know that I’m an adult and everything… but really, on the inside, I still feel like I’m just a baby horse.

Anyway, I’m going to try to remember this valuable lesson. I really do love to work, and most of the time I’m not happy unless I do get to work for forty-five minutes or so. But on the days that I feel I’d rather relax in the field with Leo, I’ll have to try harder to be patient – not to anticipate – and remember that the better I behave, the sooner I’ll get to be done. It’s actually very fair of my Mommy to even offer me that compromise.

That’s all I have to report for today, folks. But before I go, here’s another great photo of my handsome face. I always make my humans take pictures of me because I love to pose and to see myself in the pictures. Don’t you just love my blanket? You know what they say, don’t you…?

Looking gorgeous in my manly coat.

Looking gorgeous in my manly coat.

They say that only real men can wear pink and get away with it.

And, if you ask me, not only do I get away with it… I make it look really good. 

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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