I get by with a little help from my friends

Well, it didn’t rain today, but the skies were covered in clouds and it was cold. We all had to keep our heavier blankets on; my Daddy said that the temperature barely rose above “freezing” all day. In fact, the only time the sun came out from behind the clouds was after my Daddy finished long-lining me – and even then it was only out for about ten minutes!

Oh, yeah – I forgot to mention that my Mommy is sick, and she didn’t feel well enough to ride me today. She came down to the barn a couple times to see me (and she even brought me a marshmallow and a tangerine!) but told me that my Daddy would be working me today. So, Daddy long-lined me at the warmest time of the day, which was still pretty cold. He even put my quarter sheet on and attached it to my surcingle. I got to go back out to the paddock to hang out with Leo for a little while afterward, but I would have been fine with going straight into my stall today. It was just too cold.

Anyway, do you remember yesterday, when I said that I’d tell you about my best friend in New York, the Palomino named Cooper? Well, I was thinking about him today, and I think I’ll tell you about him now.

So, I’m sure you remember that I used to live right by Blydenburgh Park in New York, right? Well, Cooper didn’t live that far away from me, and one day our Mommies decided to meet up in the park so we could all go for a ride together. As my Mommy rode me out into the park, I saw Cooper and his Mommy, Joyce, up ahead. I was so excited! I marched right up to them to say hello. Now, I’m a very friendly horse – even if I am a little cheeky now and then – but not all horses are as friendly as me. Usually, if I go up to another horse to say hello, their human will pull them away and say something like, “Oh, he’s not very friendly,” or, “He might kick.” But when I walked up to Cooper, Joyce smiled and simply introduced us! “Icchy,” she said, “this is my little boy, Cooper. I hope you guys will be friends!”

Cooper seemed as happy to meet me as I was to meet him. We sniffed each other’s noses and, almost instantly, he reached up and started grooming my neck with his teeth! Now, if you don’t know, in “our” language, when we start grooming you, that means that we’ve accepted you into our herd. I was so happy to know that Cooper had accepted me into his herd that I started grooming his neck, too.

After a little while, we all decided to go out into the park and start our trail ride. I hadn’t been out too many times, so I was still a little nervous. Now and then, something would spook me – a loud noise or a bird suddenly taking flight – and I’d hide behind Cooper. He didn’t mind; he just kept on going, steady as could be. He made me feel comfortable and confident, just like a good friend should. That first trail ride was the beginning of a really special friendship between the two of us – and I even ended up living at his barn!  I’ll tell you about that another day, though, because that’s a story in itself.

I’ve been really lucky to have so many good friends in my life – both humans and horses. I can’t wait to tell you about all of them. But right now, it’s getting late, and I hear my Daddy coming down to do the “night check” and bring us hay. So, I’ll tell you more about the friends I’ve had later. For now, though, here’s a picture of Cooper – you can really see what a sweet, cheeky boy he is, and why we got along so well.

My old best friend, Cooper

My old best friend, Cooper

Catch y’all tomorrow.

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