Fly closer to the sun

Today was a good day. It wasn’t necessarily exceptional… but something my Mommy said brought back memories of when I was a youngster.

We had a light workout, just so I could stretch my legs and loosen up after my hard day of jumping yesterday. As we cooled down after our ride, my Mommy said that she wanted to go over and see our record high-jump, which we had left in the middle of the arena for motivation. She dismounted and stood next to it, measuring how tall it was compared to herself. As far as humans go, she’s pretty short – so the jump was only about 7 inches shorter than her!

Standing next to our 4'6 oxer with my Mommy. Don't you love my Christmas quarter sheet?!

Standing next to our 4’6 oxer with my Mommy. Don’t you love my Christmas quarter sheet?!

As she and I stood there, she stroked my nose and said, “Icchy, it won’t be long before we’re flying even closer to the sun.”

When she said that, it made me think of a day way back when I had just turned 4 years old. It was a rare jumping day, and Mommy was so proud of me because the vertical we had jumped was 2 feet and 6 inches – and that was our record height up until that point! Back then, Mommy didn’t think it was necessary for me to jump more than once in a while, so the fact that we had jumped that high was a huge accomplishment. And to top it off, there was a scary, blue tarp underneath the jump, blowing in the wind! But of course it didn’t phase me… Because I’m Icchy Star! And this is my blog!

My record height at 4 years old... 2 feet and 6 inches!

My record height at 4 years old… 2 feet and 6 inches!

After we jumped that day, my Mommy got off and gave me a big hug. She said to me, “Icchy Star, I know that you want to jump more, and I hope you believe me when I say that you will someday. Because someday, you and I are going to fly so close to the sun… We’ll just keep flying closer and closer until we can feel the warmth on our backs and hear the wind in our ears. We’ll get there, Icchy. I promise you – we’ll get there.”

Today, when she said those words, “…flying closer to the sun,” that memory ran through my head and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. There may have been times when I was younger that I was skeptical as to whether or not we’d ever get to run fast and jump high, but I knew that I had to trust my Mommy. And now, here we are… getting closer to the sun with every jump.

3 foot 6... to 4 foot 3... to 4 foot 6! Fly closer to the sun!

3 foot 6… to 4 foot 3… to 4 foot 6! Fly closer to the sun!

Alright, friends. Have a happy new year! And remember, if you hear fireworks, don’t freak out – they probably aren’t close enough to get you! And if they are.. well, you should jump out of your stall and run! That’s what I would do. Come to think of it, you might want to ask your humans to close your stall doors, either way. Stay safe and warm! Catch y’all in 2013!

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