All “hail” the winter workout

This morning, when my Daddy came down to the barn to give us our breakfast grain, the skies were covered in grey clouds. It had rained in the night, but the snow that was predicted hadn’t yet come. Now and then, the sky would let out a little bit of mist, but for the most part, it was dry. I crossed my hooves and hoped that my Mommy would tell me that we could work today.

Mommy came down to the barn about an hour after I had finished my grain. She stood for a moment, looking up at the sky with her arms outstretched, feeling how damp the air was – probably trying to determine whether or not it was too damp and cold to ride. But, as it turned out, I got my wish! My Mommy came over to me, put my halter on, pulled me out of my stall and said, “Alright, Icchy. We have a very limited amount of time this morning, but do you want to work and try out one of your new quarter sheets?” If I could have, I would have shouted YES! Instead, I shoved my nose against her chest with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. I think she got the message.

She took off my nice, warm blanket and groomed me as quickly as she could before replacing the blanket with my saddle pad and the quarter sheet. It felt sort of strange to have a little blanket over my bum, but once my body heat began warming it up, I was more than glad to have it there.

And I have to say, this blue quarter sheet with silver piping sure does make me look like royalty. And rightfully so, seeing as how I should be royalty, anyway.

We sure look good in "royal" blue.

We look good in “royal” blue.

I decided that I really like my quarter sheet, and not just because of how good I look with it on. I like it because it really did help with the cold! I didn’t feel cold or stiff at all while we worked. And it felt great to show my Mommy what Daddy and I had worked on while she was gone. Of course, she realized right away that I was behaving perfectly and showered me with praise and pats on my neck. We worked on an exercise at the canter that my Daddy and I made up, where we do a circle at the canter in each corner. My Mommy even let me stretch out and extend the canter down the long sides of the arena. It felt so good to be working out with her again!

Working on our "circling" exercise.

Working on our “circling” exercise.

Well, Mommy was right when she said that we wouldn’t have much time before the weather turned. We had barely gotten in a good twenty minute workout and were cooling down by walking around, when these tiny little balls of ice began to fall from the sky. At first, I thought it was rain. When I realized that it was much too cold and solid to be rain, I changed my mind and figured it was probably snow. But after a minute or two, my Mommy said, “Icchy! We’d better hurry up and get back to the barn – this isn’t snow, it’s hail!” I’d never encountered hail before, but my Mommy told me that sometimes the little balls of ice could get really big, and if that happened, we could get hurt. It doesn’t feel nice to have balls of ice dropped on you from the sky. So we walked briskly from the arena into the barn, where my Mommy let me eat some steamed hay while she untacked me, groomed me and put my warm blanket back on. We waited until the hail lightened up and turned into little snowflakes before Mommy decided to put me out into the paddock. Snowflakes don’t hurt when they fall on you, even if they’re big – but these snowflakes were still very little. Regardless, Mommy put me in one of the small paddocks so I would have shelter from the elements.

I felt relaxed and happy after getting to work. My Daddy said that it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I’m hoping that means I’ll get to do a longer workout with my Mommy. But for now, I see my Daddy walking over to me with some hot, steamed hay, so I have to go. There’s nothing I like more than warm hay on a cold day, especially after a workout.

Stay warm, friends. Catch y’all later!

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