A stylish new year

It sure is nice to have both of my humans here with me. As planned, my Mommy got back to Tennessee late last night and came straight down to the barn to see me. She gave me lots of hugs, and of course I gave her slobbery, wet kisses on the face. I know how much she loves it when I kiss her. She said that it was good to see me, that she’d missed me while she was in California, and that she couldn’t wait to ride me. She had planned on riding me today, but unfortunately, it ended up raining all day. It was very cold, too – it barely reached 40 degrees – but my Mommy said that she would have ridden me in the cold, if it hadn’t been for the rain. I wondered if that west-coast air had somehow made her forget about her rules, but then she pulled out my brand new quarter-sheets, and I remembered what she had told me – that the quarter sheets were so I could work in the cold! For those of you who have never worn a quarter sheet, it’s a nice, warm, fleece blanket that attaches to the saddle and covers your bum so your muscles and important organs don’t get too cold when you work out in the winter. Some of you may be neighing in dismay at this, but remember – I LOVE to work, so anything that eliminates more unnecessary days off is fantastic! She showed me the other presents I got from her human family for the holidays, and I even got to try on my brand new, purple cooler! I look good in it… if I do say so, myself!

My handsome new cooler!

Yep, it’s going to be a very stylish new year.

So, even though we didn’t get to ride today, my Mommy did hop on my back to ride me out to the paddock.

I love hanging out with my Mommy!

She sat on my blanket because it was too cold for her to take it off of me, and she wanted me to wear it to protect me from the rain. Not that I’m afraid of rain or anything. It’s just that, when it’s cold and rainy, it’s harder for us horses to stay warm. If it’s just cold – especially if the sun is shining – then we don’t actually need our blankets at all. Well, until it gets really, really cold, that is. But I have a feeling it’s not going to get that cold here in Tennessee. Not like it did when we lived in New York, anyway.

I spent the day hanging out in the paddock with my best friend, Leo. We didn’t roll in the mud today because it was much too cold. We did, however, get to eat some hay in the paddock. Well, Leo got to eat his hay in the shelter, but he’s so big that there’s not room for both of us in there. So I told him that I didn’t mind eating my hay in the paddock, especially since my Daddy brought it out when there was a break in the rain long enough for me to eat it all!

There’s nothing like some steamed hay when it’s cold outside!

After a while, we all got tired of being out in the rain, so my Daddy and Mommy brought all of us in a little earlier than normal. We were so happy that they understood what we wanted – though I never doubted that they would. They cleaned the mud and rocks out of our hooves and tucked us into our warm stalls for the evening with some nice, freshly steamed hay.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work tomorrow. But for now, I hear those grain buckets rustling… and you know what that means! Dinner time! Catch y’all tomorrow – stay warm and dry.

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