Happy human holidays!

Well, I know that all of my human friends have been celebrating the human holidays today,  and I hope that everyone had a nice time with their family. I got to spend another wonderful day with my Daddy. It didn’t end up raining until later in the day, which meant that my Daddy and I got to work. Daddy ended up long-lining me, and he said I was a very good boy because I went through all of my gaits by myself, without him having to tell me what to do. And, as a special Christmas treat, my Daddy gave me two whole carrots, a big bite of hay and some molasses cookies!

Munching on some hay after working out with my Daddy!

Munching on some hay after working out with my Daddy!

Daddy said that Mommy sent him lots of Christmas presents from her family in California, and do you know what he got? He got riding breeches to wear when he rides me, and a nice warm sweater that he can wear when it rains! He even got a hat that makes him look like he’s a dog.

I got to talk to my Mommy on the phone, all the way from California, and she said that her human family got me lots of cool presents, too. They got me quarter sheets, which are like coolers, but they attach to the saddle so I can wear them while I work when it’s really cold out. One of the quarter sheets is blue, but one of them is red with white, fluffy trim! My Mommy said that we will do Christmas photos with my new Christmas quarter sheet, even though they’re going to be a little late. She told me that she is going to get me a “Santa hat” to match my quarter sheet, and that she’s going to wear a pretty red sweater to match it, too. Anyway, Mommy said that her human family also got me squishy bell boots that won’t rub on my ankles, a pair of warming pillow wraps to wear on my legs after a hard workout, a new cooler that my Mommy said is my favorite color (purple!), which should fit me nicer than my old green cooler, and a running martingale to wear when I jump! Although I think that last present is more for my Mommy than it is for me…

It’s nice to have my Daddy here, but I miss my Mommy. I hope she’s coming home soon. I can’t wait to see her and I really can’t wait to jump again!

Oh, I hear someone rustling around in the grain bins… I bet that’s my Daddy getting our dinners ready! I’d better go so I can stand in the doorway of my stall and look cute. Then maybe he’ll feed me first!

Merry Christmas, friends. I hope you all had a great time with your human families and your furry families. I’ll catch y’all soon!

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