The ol’ boy still has it!

Morning, friends! Are you ready for one of the best stories you’ve ever heard? Because you really aren’t going to believe this one when I tell you everything that happened yesterday!

Okay, I’ll start at the beginning. My Daddy showed up in the middle of the morning to ride me, and decided to ride me in my bareback pad, because he still felt sorry about making my girth too tight the other day and wanted to give my belly a break. The bareback pad is almost like a saddle pad that has a little, soft, fleece girth. I think I’ve told you a little about it before. It’s mostly to make it more comfortable for the humans when they ride bareback, but it does actually help me, too. It puts a little cushioning between their butts and my spine. So I guess that’s what the humans call a “win-win.”

Anyway, Aunt Nikki and Uncle Mike were up the hill at their house getting ready for a two-week-long vacation with their kids for the human holidays. While Daddy and I walked, he and Aunt Nikki were talking, so he asked me to follow her up the hill to the driveway so she could continue loading up her vehicle while they talked. They talked and talked about human things, and then Daddy said it was time for me to get to work. So, he turned me and asked me to walk carefully down the hill. But as I was walking down the hill, a big, scary, brown monster jumped out of Auntie Nikki’s vehicle and onto the ground, making a “THUMP” sound as it landed. I got so scared that I spun around in a circle to face it… but then I realized that it was only a box. Daddy and Aunt Nikki laughed, but I felt a little bad because I had forgotten in the moment that my Daddy was on my back. If he wasn’t such a good rider, he might have fallen off when I spun around like that. I promised him I would be braver from that moment on.

We went into the arena and began our workout. It was a normal workout, but Daddy came up with creative exercises for me. We even did some more flying lead changes, and I was perfect! Well, except for one… I got a little carried away because I knew that my Daddy was going to ask me to switch my lead, and I wanted to show him that I knew exactly what he wanted and that I could do it on my own. But… I sort of went a little too fast, and then I just couldn’t help it – I started running around really fast! It was so much fun! I love running!

Then, I realized that my Daddy wasn’t having quite as much fun as I was while I ran, because he was pulling on my reins and telling me things like, “Walk,” and “That’s enough!” I felt terrible, and came back down to a walk. Daddy made me do the flying lead change again, and he made me go slowly and wait until it was his idea to switch my lead. I behaved much better that time.

After our workout, Daddy untacked me and groomed me, and then I got to go back out into the paddock with Leo. I was in the big side paddock that Leo and I love so much, but the gate into the small paddock with the rain shelter was closed… and then it began to rain. Moekie, Isis and the minis were also in paddocks without shelters, because Aunt Nikki was in a hurry when she put us all out this morning, before Daddy got here to ride me. But Aunt Nikki and Uncle Mike had already left, so my Daddy had to run around to all the paddocks, grab the rest of the horses, and put everyone into the small paddocks that have the shelters. For Leo and me, he opened the gate in between the big and little paddocks so we could have the shelter, but still go into the big paddock if we wanted.

Well, after a little while, the rain began to calm down a little, and Daddy decided to bring us out some hay to eat inside our shelters. He came to Leo and me first and threw some hay in through the shelter’s window for Leo, and then came into the paddock to give me some hay, too. But when he came into the paddock, the gate to the outside didn’t latch completely behind him, and I think Leo knew that… because Leo went and pulled the gate open with his nose, and then took off! He ran down the track and stopped in front of Isis, ears pinned and snorting! And, because Leo was there and being crazy, Isis started snorting and pinning her ears! I wanted to run out after Leo and join the fun, but Daddy was faster than me and shut the gate as quickly as he could before going out after Leo. So, I ran out the other gate into the big paddock and began galloping back and forth, encouraging Leo and shouting at the top of my lungs! My Daddy was still trying to get Leo back into the paddock, but soon as he got near him, Leo pinned his ears and spun around, running further down the track to where Moekie was. Moekie also joined in the excitement by jumping around and bucking, encouraging Leo to keep going!

Well, at that point, my Daddy had a great idea and drove the quad up to the barn to get some carrots before coming back down to try catching Leo again. He grabbed a lead rope and made a lasso out of it. Then, coaxing Leo closer with the carrots, he threw the lasso around his neck! We all cheered and whinnied and laughed. I trotted back to the little paddock to welcome Leo back and congratulate him, because the ol’ boy still has it! It was so exciting!

When Leo came back to the paddock, everyone calmed down and ate their hay, acting like nothing had even happened.

A couple hours later, it began to rain again. This time, we all had our shelters – but we were all pretty much finished with being outside in the rain, anyway. We wanted to come in. While the rest of us waited patiently, Isis decided to voice her discontent with the rain, and she began jumping around and bucking and squealing! It was so much fun to watch!

Leo and I were watching Isis jump and dance in the rain!

There’s Isis, voicing her opinion about having to be in the rain again!

Well, my Daddy was ready for it and came running out to bring us all into the barn to dry off and have our feet picked, then he put us into our clean, warm, dry stalls for the night. And you know what the best part was? He already had all our dinner grain made, and it was waiting in our stalls when we got there! It was the perfect end to a wonderful, exciting day.

Today, Daddy said that I get the day off. It isn’t raining yet, but it looks like it might rain a little later. I’m hoping that it won’t rain tomorrow, because tomorrow is the human holiday called Christmas, and my Daddy really wants to ride me on Christmas. He said it would be the best present ever. I think that having my Daddy here with me all day and all night for two weeks is better than any present, too!

Well, Leo and I are going to go lay in the sunshine and take a nap now, so I’ll catch y’all later. I hope all of the humans have a good Christmas, and I hope that all my friends get lots of carrots, apples and molasses treats! Happy human holidays, everyone!

That’s me on the left, and that’s Leo. We’re going to take a nap.

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