Working alone is never fun

Well, I’ve been consciously on my best behavior today, in hopes that my Daddy will ride me later. It’s not that I don’t like long-lining; I just like it better when my Daddy rides. So far, I’ve been doing a good job. Not that I could ever possibly do a bad job… But in my Daddy’s opinion, if I have too much energy to stay calm in the paddock, then I have too much energy to stay calm while he rides me.

Okay, I guess that’s actually true.

Anyway, my Daddy told me a little while ago that he plans to ride me today, as long as I continue being such a good boy. He also told me that Aunt Nikki, Uncle Mike and their kids are going away for a couple weeks to visit friends and family for the human holidays. I’ll miss them, but I’m not too sad about it, because my Daddy said that he is going to be housesitting for them! That means that he’ll be here day and night for two weeks! My Mommy and Daddy have both sat on the house for Auntie Nikki before, and it was the best in the world to see them late at night when they came down to put on our blankets and feed us our dinner hay. It was never for an entire two weeks though! I’m so excited. This is going to be fantastic.

As Daddy was talking to me, he also mentioned that Moekie and Isis wouldn’t be working for a while. It’ll be kind of strange, being the only one working. I’m so used to seeing Isis jump with her little human, or seeing Moekie dance and prance across the arena while Aunt Nikki teaches him dressage; it’s been a long time since I was the only horse in work at my barn. Actually, the last time that happened was at the first barn in New York. Bucky was too old to do much work, and he only ever went out into the park on trail rides. But that wasn’t really working out so much as it was relaxing and stretching our legs. And my other friend at that barn, Mister, well… he looked like he never worked a day in his life! He was very… rotund. Not that he wasn’t also handsome. He just wasn’t as handsome as I am. But every barn after that had other horses who worked hard like I do. Especially this barn, where I live now. It might get kind of lonely, being the only one in the arena all the time. I’ll have to ask Moekie and Isis how they feel about having so much time off.

Well, Leo just told me that he’s getting lonely, so I’d better go back over there and graze with him for a while. I’ll let y’all know how it goes later with my Daddy. I can’t wait! See you ’round… Like a rolltop!

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