Let’s get a little crazy!

Okay, I admit it. We already did get a little crazy.

I’ll start at the beginning.

So, yesterday, Moekie left for his weekly dressage lesson with Daddy and my Aunt Nikki. By the time they came back, the wind was howling and we were all getting a little nervous. Then, Moekie told us it was so windy and rainy and stormy where his lesson was, an entire tree actually fell down, right in front of him! Needless to say, we all started freaking out. I might have started it, but pretty soon we were all taking part in a protest. We didn’t want any trees to fall down in front of us, and especially not on top of us! So we ran and galloped in our paddocks until Daddy, Aunt Nikki and Uncle Mike brought us all into the barn.

It was nice to be tucked away in our stalls, safe, sound and warm, with some steamed hay, while the storm carried on outside where it couldn’t harm us. And over an hour earlier than normal!

That actually might be why I had so much energy this morning! Daddy put me out into my big side field first, and I was able to contain myself until Leo came out… but then, he and I couldn’t help it anymore. We just had to go for a gallop!

Getting ready to go for a gallop with Leo this morning!

Getting ready to go for a gallop with Leo this morning!

We ran and ran and ran… until I saw my Daddy come over to the gate. He may as well have had his ears pinned at us; the expression on his face was definitely not amusement. I thought Leo and I were pretty graceful, but I knew we were probably going to get into some trouble. Reluctantly, I trotted over to the gate and stopped in front of my Daddy. Leo waited behind me; I think he was afraid to get yelled at.

Well, my Daddy doesn’t actually ever yell. But he did tell us in a very stern voice, “That’s enough, you two. You had both better calm down right now, or I’m going to separate you.” Leo turned and walked away, putting his head down to graze, probably to show my Daddy that he understood. I was about to turn and walk away, too, when my Daddy informed me that he would not be riding me today. That didn’t mean I’d get the day off, though. My Daddy said he was going to long-line me until I was very tired. It sounded great to me, even though I was sad that I had ruined my first chance to ride with my Daddy while Mommy is gone.

I behaved like a perfect angel for the rest of the day, hoping that maybe Daddy would change his mind.

Well, that is, until the other farrier came and Leo had to leave to get his new shoes. So I ran again, all around the field, panting and puffing and whinnying. I didn’t want to be left alone.

My Daddy came out and put my halter on. I thought that he was going to bring me in so that I could be with Leo, but instead, he brought me into one of the small paddocks. He said that if I was going to run like that, I wasn’t allowed to have so much space where I could hurt myself. I tried to gallop a little more in the small paddock, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as galloping in the big field, so I stopped and waited until my Daddy said it was time to work.

We long-lined for a long time, until I was tired enough to be very calm. That’s when my Daddy said that I could be done. He took off my long-lines and walked with me until I’d cooled down, and then he groomed me for a while and put me into my stall. After all the running and the working I did, I was SO hungry, but my Daddy said that I had to wait at least an hour before I ate or else I’d get a tummy ache. I know he was right, but I didn’t want to wait! As a compromise, he gave me some nice, warm, steamed hay to eat while I waited for my grain. He said that eating hay wouldn’t hurt my tummy, especially because it had been almost a half hour since I finished cooling down.

Well, when my dinner grain finally came, it was the best grain I’d ever tasted. Sometimes, all it takes are the simple pleasures in life to make me really appreciate everything I have.

Now, I can’t make any promises, but I’m going to try really hard to be good tomorrow so that my Daddy doesn’t take away my riding privileges again. I know he wants to ride me, and I want him to, so I’ll do my best. But for now, I need to go to sleep. I’m exhausted. It was a pretty tiring day, when all was said and done.

I guess I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Sleep warm and stay dry, friends.

Oh, and Mommy, if you’re reading this – I miss you, and I can’t wait for you to come home. But you don’t have to hurry, because I really do love spending time with my Daddy.

Okay… goodnight.

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