Jumping for joy!

Howdy, friends! Boy, I’m sure in a good mood tonight. Just as my Mommy promised, I got to jump today! And I did AWESOME!

Well, mostly awesome.

Okay, to be completely honest, I might have gotten a little out of control. But only a little! It’s just that I was SO EXCITED to jump again!

Alright, for continuity’s sake, I’ll start at the beginning of the day. The sun was shining bright in a clear, cloudless sky and I was in a fantastic mood. I got to go in the big paddock with Leo again, and the warm sunshine had dried up all the mud that was left from the rain recently. So, needless to say…

I went for a long gallop!



Leo usually joins me, but today he just wanted to graze. I couldn’t believe he didn’t want to take advantage of this opportunity with me, but I didn’t let that slow me down for a single minute!

After my gallop, I goaded Leo into playing a little bit before settling down to graze for the day. I needed to eat a lot of grass and save up my energy for jumping!

My Mommy came to ride me only about two hours before dark. I knew that meant that I wouldn’t get to go back out to the paddock afterward, but that’s okay. Even though my Mommy likes for me to go back outside after I jump, I know that she always makes sure to walk me for a long, long time. That way, I won’t be sore and my legs won’t stock up overnight. It doesn’t actually hurt when my legs are stocked up, but it’s not exactly comfortable, either.

We worked on the flat for about twenty minutes.

Taking a break - after our flatwork, before jumping!

Taking a break – after our flatwork, before jumping!

I was perfect, so Mommy decided that I could start jumping!

We warmed up over some smaller jumps, and my Daddy was there, so he was able to raise the jumps, little by little, as I loosened up.

Our 3 foot and 3 inch high warm up jump! (Eeeeaaaasy!)

Our 3 foot and 3 inch high warm up jump! (Eeeeaaaasy!)

After warming up over a super simple, way-too-easy 3’3″ vertical, Mommy decided that we were ready for a 3 foot high course. But… that’s when I started to get a teensy-tiny bit overexcited. I was having so much fun, that every now and then I’d go a little bit too fast after I landed. But when my Mommy sat down deep in the saddle, it got my attention, and I slowed down with plenty of time to jump the next jump.

Jumping the 3 foot tall liverpool.

Jumping the 3 foot tall liverpool.

Well, once I proved to my Mommy that I was still a good boy, even though I got excited, my Daddy convinced her that I should be allowed to jump a couple big jumps. I completely agreed. And, just like my Daddy said, Mommy is going away for a week – so I needed to get a good, solid workout in before she left!

I got to jump a vertical and an oxer that were both set to 3 feet and 9 inches!! That’s almost four feet high! I wanted very badly to jump higher, but I knew that my Mommy didn’t want me to “overdo” it, since I had jumped two days in a row very recently. I mean, to me it wasn’t that recent… but to my Mommy with her “rules” and whatnot, it was enough to make her say that we were done after jumping 3’9″.

Jumping and oxer at 3 feet and 9 inches!

Jumping and oxer at 3 feet and 9 inches!

After my workout was over, I still had a lot of energy.  I was also very sweaty and had worked hard, even though I only worked for a total of 45 minutes. But I was in for a super awesome, amazing, wonderful surprise… Because as I was about to start walking for my cool-down, my Mommy got off and my DADDY got on!! I was so happy, I pranced and danced and smiled. We walked in the arena for a little while, and then we walked out of the arena and up the hill that led to the house where my Aunt Nikki and Uncle Mike live. They’re the ones who own the great property where I live, which we call Kyalami Farm.

Here’s a photo of my Daddy and me, hanging out and looking at the sunset.

I love my Daddy!

I love my Daddy!

Anyway, Daddy and I walked back down the hill and then walked a couple times around the track that surounds the arena. When both my Mommy and Daddy were certain that I had walked enough, they untacked me and “wet-brushed” me. It was only 60 degrees out, but it was already dark and my Mommy didn’t think it would be that good of an idea for me to have a shower. Wet-brushing is pretty self-explanatory. It’s where my Mommy wets my brush with clean, warm water, and then washes off my sweat that way. It isn’t as good as a shower, but it does the job when necessary.

Hanging out in the cross ties while my Mommy and Daddy "wet-brush" me.

Hanging out in the cross ties while my Mommy and Daddy “wet-brush” me.

And, of course, I got my favorite molasses cookies for a treat!

I gave my Mommy a million hugs and kisses and told her that I would miss her while she was in California. And I will… but I can’t even explain to you with words or whinnies how incredibly excited I am to spend the entire week with my Daddy! I’ll be sure to update y’all on how my week with Daddy goes. I just know we’re going to have hay loads of fun!

Alright, it’s time for me to wind down for the evening. Goodnight, friends!

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