Working in a hackamore

Well, today was sunny and beautiful, just like I had hoped it would be! It wasn’t as warm today as is was yesterday, but it was warm enough. By midday, all of the remaining clouds were gone, and the sun dried up most of the mud. And you know what that means… I got to go in my favorite BIG paddock with my BIG best friend, Leo! We played a little bit, and then he actually apologized for biting me yesterday. Of course I forgave him. I mean, after all, he is my best friend!

That's me, and that's my best friend, Leo! Dude, Leo,  move over!

That’s me, and that’s my best friend, Leo! Dude, Leo, move over!

Later in the day, my Mommy came and walked all the way to the far end of my paddock, where I was hanging out with Leo. She was still in her warm jacket and wool hat, but she gets cold a lot easier than I do. I guess that’s probably because she’s from California. I’ve never been there, but she tells me it’s a lot like Miami in the winter, which means it’s warm! My Mommy climbed onto my back and rode me across the big field to the gate. I was happy to give her a ride, because I knew that I’d get to work – and that it was still early enough in the day for me to come back out to the paddock afterward!

My Mommy surprised me today by riding me in my “jumping hackamore,” which is a bridle without a bit. Here’s a picture of it, so you know what I mean:

I know, I make this hackamore look good.

I know, I make this hackamore look good.

Now, don’t be mistaken. Just because it’s called a “jumping hackamore” doesn’t mean that I jumped today. You know the rules: I’m not allowed to jump after a day off. In fact, I almost never jump in this hackamore. I don’t like jumping in it as much as I like doing my flatwork exercises in it. My Mommy likes to use the hackamore occasionally, when she feels like I’ve been somewhat heavy on her hands… or when she feels like her hands have been too heavy on my mouth… or sometimes “just because.” I think this time was the latter. She likes to switch things up now and then. She said that using a bridle without a bit will help to keep my mouth nice and “soft.” I think she’s referring to how incredibly kissable I am. Yeah, that’s probably what she means. She does love it when I give her kisses.

Smoochy, smoochy!

Smoochy, smoochy!

My Mommy actually started looking for a good “bitless bridle” when she first adopted me. She told me that my mouth was soft, and I was very sensitive, and that she wanted to keep it that way. She tried out a couple different ones, but neither of us liked them very much.

This is the first one she tried, back when I was still only 3 years old:

The "rawhide" hackamore

The “rawhide” hackamore

It didn’t take long for us to realize that neither of us liked that one, because the noseband was made of rawhide and it was kind of hard. It wasn’t too bad at first, but if I got sweaty, or if I wore it for long enough, it would start to hurt my nose. So my Mommy got rid of it, and tried this one next:

The "leather noseband" hackamore

The “leather noseband” hackamore

That one was a little better, because it had a soft, round, leather noseband. The only problem was that it would move around on my face a lot, because it was so big (and my head was so little). We used that one for a little while, until we found one that we both felt was perfect! Here’s a picture of when I first started wearing my jumping hackamore:

This is back when we lived in Miami, FL.

This is back when we lived in Miami, FL.

As you can see, that’s a photo from when we lived in Miami, a little over a year ago.

Anyway, I had a really fun workout today. I tried to behave as well as I could, because my Mommy mentioned that she still intends to jump with me tomorrow! She’s leaving for California on Thursday morning and I won’t see her for a week. I’ll miss her, but it’s okay because my Daddy will be here. I love it when my Daddy rides me! We always have fun.

Oh, and after I was a perfect little boy during my workout, my Mommy gave me my FAVORITE treats in the whole, wide world…



Yup. Molasses cookies. Mmmmm… I LOVE molasses cookies!

Speaking of molasses cookies… I think I’ll go stand in the doorway of my stall and look really, really cute, and see if anyone will give me some more of them…

See y’all tomorrow! And don’t forget, tomorrow is JUMPING DAY!!!!! So, as the humans say, “stay tuned!”

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