Just another day in the life

Okay, I’m a little bit embarrassed to tell this to you guys… but today, I got sent to my stall. I’ve heard humans call it “being grounded,” or “being sent to your room.” Well, my stall is my room, so that’s what I got. I got sent to my stall.

I mean, I guess it wasn’t all that bad. I had a couple flakes of steamed hay to munch on and my Mommy was right nearby doing her human stuff, so it’s not like I was alone. But all of my friends were still out in the paddocks!

So, it began like this…

I was minding my own business, eating a little bit of grass in my paddock, when Leo came over to the fence. He was in the paddock next to me today, because it was supposed to rain all day and the paddocks with rain shelters are only big enough for one horse at a time. Well, aside from the minis. They get to go in the paddock with either Moekie or Isis. But they’re minis, so they don’t really count.

Leo called me over to the fence to play because he was bored.

Leo called me over to the fence to play because he was bored.

Anyway, Leo called me over to the fence to play because he was bored. So we started playing, but then Leo accidentally bit me on the neck. Or more like my chest. Or my throat. Whatever, he accidentally bit me. I mean, I assume it was an accident. I don’t know why he would do it on purpose. He’s my best friend, you know. But it really hurt, and he ripped a patch of my shiny, brown hair right off of my neck! Not to mention he gave me a bruise. It’s not like I was injured or anything, but I was kind of mad at him, so I walked away and ignored him for a while.

When my Mommy came out to check on me later in the day, she saw the bite mark on my throat and was concerned, so she cleaned it up and sprayed some shiny silver stuff on it. Probably because she knew I was sad that Leo had ripped off some of my shiny hair, and wanted to make that spot even more shiny.

With my shiny stuff

With my shiny stuff

It rained a couple times, in patches. It would be sunny for a while, and then it would rain for a while, and then it would get sunny again.

Well, all of that rain made my paddock nice and muddy, so I had a roll in the mud… like I usually do. But then I started feeling a little cheeky, so I decided to go for a gallop. It’s not easy to gallop in a small paddock, especially when it’s muddy. I’m usually incredibly graceful… but I got a little too carried away, and I slipped. I fell down pretty hard, and when I got back up, I felt a bit sore. My Mommy came running out to see if I was okay; she was worried and told me that I needed to walk it off. So she put on my halter and led me around for a little while, then brought me up to the barn to give me a nice, hot bath. The rain had passed (for the moment, at least) and it was sunny and warm, and my Mommy said that a hot bubbly bath would probably make me feel better. Boy, was she right. I even got to eat some more hay while she bathed me.

Eating hay while I take a hot bubbly bath

Eating hay while I take a hot bubbly bath

I got to hang out with my Mommy for a little while and eat more hay while I dried off. As I was eating my hay, it began to rain again and the wind got colder. My Mommy was afraid that I might get too cold, so she moved me into the cross-ties and put my green cooler on me.

Eating hay in the cross-ties, wearing my green cooler

Eating hay in the cross-ties, wearing my green cooler

After a while, I had dried off and so did the skies. So, my Mommy took my cooler off, put my turn-out boots back on, and led me out to the paddock. There was still some hay leftover from what she had given me before, but being outside near my friends again made me feel a little… cheeky. Again. I waited until my Mommy walked away, and then I decided to go for a another gallop. But she heard me and turned around to watch. She had a scowl on her face, so I knew she wasn’t pleased… but I couldn’t help it!

And then… I slipped again. This time, I didn’t fall all the way down like the first time; I only went down onto my front knees. But my Mommy had seen it, and I knew I was in trouble.

Okay, not “in trouble,” per se… I just knew that my fun was over for the day. My Mommy picked up my halter again and came back into the paddock. I trotted right over to her to apologize, but she said, “I’m sorry, Icchy. I accept your apology, but I just can’t have you getting hurt. The last time you went nuts like that and slipped in the mud, you threw out your back and I had to pay a chiropractor to come and fix you up. I don’t want this to get that far again. You have to come inside now and spend the rest of the day in your stall.”

I was so angry at her that I reared up on my hind legs! She looked me straight in the eye and said in her “scary” voice, “DON’T… YOU… DARE.” Embarrassed, I put my head down and walked calmly next to her until we reached the barn, where she first picked out my hooves and then put me into my stall. I couldn’t believe she was actually serious. The other horses would get to stay out for another two hours!!! And I actually had to be in my stall!!! Sometimes, life is just completely unfair.

Almost immediately after my Mommy closed and latched my stall door, dark clouds blew in over the blue sky and it began to rain really hard. There was thunder and lightning, and I watched as all of my friends trotted into their rain shelters. Well, except for Leo. Leo likes to stand in the rain.

I didn’t tell my Mommy this, but I was secretly glad to be inside once that storm hit. I don’t like standing in the rain. I mean, I will if I have to… but I sure don’t like it much. I gratefully grabbed a couple bites of my hay and settled in for the night.

Settling into my stall for the night with some hay.

Settling into my stall for the night with some hay.

I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, because I still have lots of energy and I really want to work. If I don’t get to work tomorrow, that means I won’t get to jump on Wednesday… and I really want to jump! So keep your hooves crossed for me, friends!

Catch y’all tomorrow.

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