A fantastic surprise!

Friends, you’re not going to believe this. For the first time in my life, I got to JUMP for a second day in a row! Well, okay… if you count the day before yesterday (which I don’t really, because I was pretty naughty and didn’t really jump much of anything at all… maybe 4 jumps that weren’t even 3 feet high…), it was actually three days in a row. But we’ll just say that it was two days in a row. I got to jump two days in a row!

I know, it’s unheard of!! Right?!

So, for any of you horses out there who don’t know my humans, they have all of these “rules.” They say that the rules are for my own good. I guess I have no reason to doubt them, but sometimes I feel like there are just too many rules. Like, for one: I’m not allowed to jump the day after I’ve had a day off. I’m only allowed to jump if I’ve worked the day before. And another rule: I’m not allowed to work more than 4 days in a row without a day off… but I usually only work 3 days in a row before I get a day off. Oh, and this one: if it’s been more than 3 days since I’ve worked, my humans won’t ride me – they’ll long-line me instead, and then ride me the following day. (Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t know what long-lining is, I’ll explain it to you one day soon. For now, just know that it’s like lunging, but with two lunge-lines, and my humans say it’s better for me.)

Now, my humans have never actually said it’s a rule that I can’t jump two days in a row. But until recently – and by that, I mean until I was “officially full grown” (according to my Mommy, since she always has the final say) – my human Mommy would say things like, “It’s not necessary to jump more than once a week, and only little jumps…” You know, things like that. So, needless to say, I haven’t ever actually jumped two days in a row. And until I was “full grown,” I actually did only jump once a week, if even that often! I know, it seems like a punishment sometimes, but I trust my humans when they say that they were doing it to keep me safe and out of “harm’s way.”

Okay, anyway – since I’ve been an adult, I’ve been getting to jump more often. Like, say, twice a week. Sometimes even three times a week. And about once every month, I’ve even gotten to jump REALLY high! The last time was two weeks ago, when I broke my own record (with a human on my back, that is) and jumped 4 feet and 3 inches high. It was so much fun!!! You see that picture up there, at the top of the page, with my human and me jumping over a “brick” wall? That’s the jump we jumped when we beat our record, except it had six more inches of “bricks” on it. You can see a photo of it in my gallery – and if you click on that photo in the gallery, you can even go to my human Mommy’s website and watch a video of it, too!

Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked. Probably because I’m still so excited!!! Okay, so, when my human Mommy came to get me from my paddock today, it had already rained about 4 times. It didn’t rain a lot, but the sky was covered in clouds and it was cold and windy, so I believed my Mommy when she said that it is supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day, too. And my Mommy is leaving on Thursday to visit her family for the human holidays, so she said she wanted to make sure I had a chance to jump the whole course before she left, because she knows that my human Daddy probably won’t want to jump me much while she is gone. As she led me to the cross-ties to tack me up, she explained to me that I would be allowed to jump again today (!!!!!!!!), and that she felt it was alright for me to do so because I had only jumped a little bit yesterday. (Remember, I wanted to jump more, but she said I didn’t have to do too much if I behaved – and I did!)

Well, I don’t think I could possibly tell you how much fun it was to actually jump a whole course. I haven’t done too many of those yet. Only here and there, and a couple on the day that I jumped in my first competition, which was shortly after I moved to Tennessee! Man, I almost forgot about that… Now THAT was fun!

I showed up to the show-grounds in a big trailer with a couple other horses, and I could feel the excitement all around me! All of the humans, the horses and even the dogs were buzzing with energy. I looked around and tried to take in all of the sights as my humans rushed to tack me up, and then we were off to the show arena! My human Mommy told me that I was allowed to go really fast that day, because we were being timed, and the fastest time wins. Well, as long as I didn’t knock down any poles. So I warmed up, jumped a couple warm-up jumps, and then I went into the arena! I trotted around, looking at all the jumps, but I wasn’t quite sure what I was waiting for… until a bell rang, and my human asked me into a canter. We jumped through a full course of jumps that were all set at 3 feet high, but when we were done, we didn’t leave the arena. We stayed, cantering in a circle, and then another bell rang and off we went! We jumped a different course with the same jumps, and that time I got to go really fast! My Mommy was still holding me back – I knew I could have gone WAY faster – but as it turned out, we came in second place out of a BUNCH of other horses and their humans!

Here’s a collage of photos from that day:

Some photos from my first competition!

Some photos from my first competition!

Okay, where was I before I got distracted with memories of my first competition? Oh, right! I was telling you about jumping TODAY! So, we warmed up over a few small jumps, and then my Mommy had me go straight for the money: we jumped an entire course at 3 feet high, just like the day I won second place at that competition! It was a little shaky, because I wasn’t sure about the distances between the bending lines (since we hadn’t practiced those much), but after the first time, we worked out the kinks (as my humans say). So, the second time I jumped the course, it was PERFECT! Well, I thought it was perfect, anyway. Mommy probably didn’t, though. But I guess it was good enough, because she got off of me, walked me over to the last jump in our course, and raised it up to 3 feet and 7 inches! We jumped the course one last time and I leapt over the last jump with room to spare, just to show my human how happy I was that I got to jump a big jump today! Although, I’m pretty sure she already knew that. She knows I like big jumps more than I like little jumps, and I really think that she put that last one up high as a reward for me, because I was so well behaved today.

Anyway, I only have a couple photos from the warm-up jumps. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the full course or of the BIG jump… I mean, I can only do so many things at once, you know! Here are the ones I have:

Here's a collage of photos from our warm-up jumps today!

Here’s a collage of photos from our warm-up jumps today!

It was a good thing that we jumped when we did, too – because after my Mommy put me back in my paddock with a flake of steamed hay, it started raining REALLY hard. And then the arena was so wet that we wouldn’t have been able to ride. Yeah… I guess my Mommy really does know best.

Well, as I said before, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow… but my Mommy said that if it doesn’t, we can go for a nice, long walk down the street and look at the trees, the other houses, and lake that the neighbor has in his front yard. But if it rains, then I get to stay in my paddock and eat hay with my best friend, Leo! Either way, I’ll be happy.

Okay, I’m off to sleep. I’m exhausted! Talk to y’all tomorrow.

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