Jumping day has been rescheduled…

Due to a bad attitude.

This isn't from today, but it realistically depicts how I was acting...

This isn’t from today, but it realistically depicts how I was acting…

Okay, I admit it. For the first time in my adult horse life, I did not want to work today. I mean, I’ve only technically been an adult since September, but since then I’ve always wanted to work. I don’t really know what was different about today; maybe it was those long naps I took in the sunshine earlier. I just wanted to hang out with Leo and have a nice, relaxing day in the field… and I hate to confess this, but after my second nap, I didn’t even really want to jump today. I would have been fine with a light, short workout so I could have more time to graze, but my human Mommy had other ideas.

It was warmer today than it’s been this week, and I was feeling full and happy when she got to my paddock. I thought that I got the message across pretty clearly when, instead of walking to her like I normally do, I turned and walked a little ways away. But apparently she didn’t care what I wanted, because she just kept walking toward me. So I heaved a big sigh and gave in. Okay, human. If you want me to work, I’ll work. But let’s put a twenty minute time limit on it, shall we?

Well, twenty minutes of our workout passed by, and I was content. I had behaved myself, I hopped over a couple tiny jumps, and I figured we could come to an agreement and be finished for the day.

Again, the human Mommy had different ideas. I guess she was more excited about jumping than I was, because she asked me to jump a few more jumps. They weren’t very big – only about 2’9 or so – but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I let her know by throwing the biggest buck in the history of broncos. It was even bigger than the one I threw yesterday. But today, the human didn’t laugh. She simply squeezed me forward with her legs and made me jump the same jumps again. So I let her know that I was still unhappy with the arrangement, and bucked a few more times.

Well, if I thought she was going to let well enough alone, I was wrong. She said, “Alright, Icchy, you lost your jumping privileges for the day. You obviously have a lot of energy, so let’s do some more flatwork.”

Great. Just great. She took it the complete wrong way! That’s not what I wanted at all!

Canter, circle, canter, circle, lead change, canter, circle… Oh, man. What did I get myself into? Trot, circle, trot, circle… Okay, I’m getting dizzy now, human. Can we please stop this?

Well, after a few more circles at the trot and canter, my human decided to take me over a few more jumps and make me prove to her that I was sorry.

I wasn’t.

She trotted me into a small line, which means one jump to another jump a few strides away, and instead of behaving nicely… I got a little carried away.

Moments before I took off bucking... again.

Moments before I took off bucking… again.

I landed and took off toward the second jump, almost crashing into it, and then gave a few good bucks afterward. You know, for good measure.

But… that was a mistake. Because my human Mommy decided that a fair punishment would be more circles at the trot and canter. And it’s not like the circles were tiny or anything; in dressage, they call them “twenty meter circles.” So I guess as far as “punishments” go, this one wasn’t all that bad… But it was BORING. And all I wanted to do was just go back out to the field and eat more grass!

So, after this next round of circles, the human gave me one last test and asked me to jump a couple more jumps. She told me that, if I was good over these last few jumps, I could be finished for the day. Needless to say, that was all I needed to hear. I jumped them nice and slow, nice and round, just plain nice. And I didn’t take off after I landed, nor buck or snort or talk back in any way. And, true to her word, she gave me a pat on the neck and told me I could be done.

We walked a little bit, and then my human put on my green cooler again. Although I didn’t want to admit it to her in the moment, I was glad – it was starting to get pretty chilly, and I had worked up a little bit of a sweat.

As I walked past the paddocks where Moekie and Isis (two of my other friends) were, I noticed that they were looking in my general direction, clearly spooked by something. I turned and looked behind me, seeing if I could find what it was that was spooking them, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then, my human began to laugh. “It’s YOU, Icchy! You’re what they’re afraid of!” I almost got offended, until she added, “Well, to be more specific, it’s your cooler!”

I have to admit, it was pretty funny. So, I walked up to Moekie and Isis to let them sniff my cooler and show them that there wasn’t anything scary about it.

(The cooler in question)

(The cooler in question)

Well, I guess that’s about all I have to report for today. I’ll be happy to eat my grain and go to sleep. I’m tired, and I would really like to see what tomorrow brings. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like jumping… I hope so, because according to my human, I have no choice.

Sleep well, friends. See y’all tomorrow.

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